We love to tell your story creatively, and always find an artistic way to execute. That’s what we do best. Also what’s unique about us is that we provide image consulting, styling and art direction for every shooting. Combining all these, your resulting images will simply be phenomenal!

Creating Fabulous

Pre-wedding photography usually includes some traditional bridal & couple shots. But that doesn’t mean the looks & contents are traditional. Our artistic approaches will shoot photos that are classy, stylistic or moody, creating a fabulous you.

Metro Glamorous

Shooting in the metropolitan areas can easily achieve a contemporary & cinematic look. Cool & chic, fashionable or glamorous? Just pick what you like & let us add some dramas for you in all those colorful lights & hustle bustle surroundings.

Enchanting Nature

In stark contrast to Metro shooting is photography in nature. Be it by the sea, up the hills, in the forest or in the greens, no doubt it’s always refreshing. With the great nature as your backdrop, your images will always be memorable & enchanting.

Casual Happiness

Be yourself, forget about posing! Dress casual, have some fun & interact with each other naturally. Don’t know what to do? No worries, we will flow ideas and keep on capturing your precious moments. Candid shots always show real emotions.

Wild & Fun

Are you tired of the usual stuff? Got some wild thoughts popped up for your pre-wedding shots? Why not? It looks different, it can be fun! Tell us what’s on your mind & let us bring up some distinctive ideas for you. The results can be rewarding!

Professional Photography Services for Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Beauty & Family Shootings in Hong Kong