Styling Matters!

Whether it’s fashion photography or advertising photography, image design and styling are the essential parts of the creative process. We believe that these elements are as important to pre-wedding/bridal photography.

Here at BLOOMSIMAGE, we have our own image consultant, we treat image design & styling as part of our job, upping your photo shooting to the next level without extra cost!

Trust us! We have seen enough photography ruined by unfit styling or simply wrong colors.

Premium Image Consultant Services

All of our photography packages already include basic image design & styling advice for free. 

However, we understand that some customers just need more up-close & personal services. That’s why we offer extensive, bespoke image consultant & styling services for the demanding clients at a reasonable rate. Here are some of those services:

Image Design & Styling

The process starts by consultation to understand more about you. We then start building the image that brings out your charms. Our styling team will conceptualize your outfit & props for the shooting, piecing together perfectly designed outfits with the right accessories that fits the mood & location. All these works will make sure your photos come out perfect.

Shop with you!

No matter if you are shopping for gowns or casual wear, jewelry or props, we can be there to provide instant advice. Yes, our service can be that personal & thoughtful.

Wardrobe management

These things are usually overwhelming for a bride-to-be. We can handle all that for you. From head to toe, from flowers to props. You can just show up and enjoy the shooting without worrying about a thing.

All in one services

We partnered with a pool of top notch talents for wedding/pre-wedding needs, makeup artists, hair stylist, florist, designer wedding gowns & etc. That means we can arrange all that for you with quality assurance. Of course, we are still happy to collaborate with those artists of your own choice.

On site art direction

We will be there all the time to take care of you, discussing creative directions with photographer & makeup artist to make sure everything comes out optimally.

Service charges vary depending on your requirements & the type of shooting. Upon inquiring with your details, we can come up with an initial quotation for your reference.

Professional Photography Services for Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Beauty & Family Shootings in Hong Kong