Quality Over Quantity

We believe in quality, not quantity. Rather than taking thousands & thousands of frames in as many locations as possible in a day, we prefer to slow down our pace. This way, we have time to think, to shoot better images for you. We take time thinking of how to select the best angles, how to create the mood best suit the shooting, how to pose you to get the best result, what the best lighting should be. Things like that take time, not frames. We will take our time, artistically, meticulously,  to get one shot right, to make you look great. 

How We Work

We like creative ideas, and cannot create them without your thoughts. So we start by asking questions. Do you have a story to tell? What kind of style do you like? Do you have anything specific in mind? And on & on… With enough information, we start creating ideas & designing images for you. After we present the ideas & you approved, we go into the planning & execution stage. The real photo shoot is just the last piece of the whole creative process.

Who We Are

BloomsImage is a newly established professional wedding photography service studio founded by two creative talents, both with extensive experiences in various creative fields.

Benedict Chui
Photography, Creative

Originating from the creative & design industry, Benedict spent the last decade focused in commercial & portrait photography. He has been working with large corporations and blue chip clients in various kinds of styles. Recently he turned his focus to wedding/bridal photography, bringing the creative commercial shooting style into wedding photography, and the results are just remarkable.

Daphne Lau
Image Consultant, Styling, Art Direction, Creative

Daphne is the creative mind behind our operations. In her 10+ years of creative business experiences, she obtained detailed eyes in art direction & image styling. With multiple awards for corporate, branding and marketing designs in her pocket, she has paved a successful career path. She left her last post as a creative director & co-founded BLOOMSIMAGE to pursue her next chapter in creativeness.

Professional Photography Services for Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Beauty & Family Shootings in Hong Kong